React Storefront

React.js boilerplate for custom online stores

Built for developers

Clean and functional boilerplate for custom web applications with e-commerce component. Made for platform but your are free to choose.

Best of two worlds

Boilerplate runs the same code at server and client side which results to first page loading from server and quick further transitions with the client side code. This is an indexable SPA without SEO and marketing issues.

High store performance

Smart React.js rendering techniques, progressive loading effect and server side html caching make web stores lightning fast. Mobile users experience is similar to native mobile application.

Good for devs and project costs

Storefront works without strong dependencies to e-commerce platform and can migrate to an alternative back-end. Its componentized and readable code is a step forward to smooth web store evolution and inexpensive maintenance.

Storefront is open source. It's hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.


version 0.1

  • Desktop and mobile layouts
  • Products catalog
  • Cart and one page checkout
  • Signup, login, user account


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